4 Reasons Why A Hurt Business Reunion Might Be Seeing

Bobby Lashley’s long championship run came to an end this week on WWE Raw. Let us tell you, Bobby Lashley had to lose his WWE Championship due to Big E cashing in the Money in the Bank contract. At the MITB contract cash-in on Raw this week, it looked like Bobby Lashley had injured a leg, however, reports suggest that Lashley is fully fit.

If seen, Lashley had emerged as a dominant champion, so fans are curious to know what Lashley is going to do in the coming times. It looks like Lashley may decide to reunite the Hurt Business, and the MVP recently hinted at that by posting a picture with Shelton Benjamin. In this article, we are going to mention 4 such reasons why the Hurt Business reunion can be seen on WWE Raw.

4- The Hurt Business Faction became very popular among fans on WWE Raw

In WWE, Bobby Lashley and MVP brought together Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander to form a fact called the Hurt Business. After this, the heart business had made a lot of dominance in Raw. Not only this, Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander won the Raw Tag Team Championship while once part of the Hurt Business. At the same time, Bobby Lashley used to be the US Champion before winning the WWE Championship.

Let me tell you, the fans liked the Hurt Business Faction in Raw. This is the reason why the fans became very sad when the faction broke up. It looks like WWE may decide to bring back the fact given the popularity of the hurt business among fans. It is for sure that the reunion of the Heart Business on Raw will bring a lot of joy to the fans.


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