4 reasons why Edge and Seth Rollins should have a match

The next PPV of WWE is going to be Extreme Rules. WWE has already announced several big matches for this event. WWE can improve its match card further. WWE can book a match between Edge and Seth Rollins in Extreme Rules. The storyline between the two has been very good.

WWE can now pursue him. Seth Rollins talks about Edge in the final episode of SmackDown. During this, he once again challenged the veteran to fight the match. However, Edge was injured and was not a part of the episode. For this reason he did not appear on SmackDown and did not accept the challenge of the former Universal Champion.

You know what’s special about the Edge vs Seth Rollins rivalry?

Edge isnt “putting over” Seth.

Seth is elevating himself to Edge’s level. He is matching him beat for beat in storytelling and psychology.

That’s what makes this rivalry one of WWE’s best in years. @WWE https://t.co/BVvkyTlb31

In the coming time, a match can be seen between the two. There are some reasons why it seems that both the legendary superstars should come face to face. So in this article, we will talk about 4 reasons why Edge and Seth Rollins should have a match at Extreme Rules.

4- WWE legends Edge and Seth Rollins are currently tied for 1-1 win

So far two matches have been seen between Edge and Seth Rollins. He had a match at SummerSlam 2021 and Edge won a big win there. After this, both came face to face once again in Super SmackDown. Seth Rollins registered a big win on this occasion. Both the superstars have won one match each during the storyline.

That’s why he deserves another match. This will make it clear who is the winner in their storyline. Edge and Seth Rollins have had great matches and the same can be said for their storylines. One more match should be seen between the two. Extreme Rules will be a great option for this.

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