6 new champions who became WWE in the past month

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Things always change according to the circumstances in WWE. Just like the promotion of Vince McMahon right now has to make big decisions due to pressure coming from AEW (All Elite Wrestling). Due to this pressure, Big E has recently been made the new WWE Champion.

Before that, let us remind you that CM Punk’s AEW debut helped Tony Khan’s promotions a lot in terms of ratings. For this reason, at that time WWE decided to get Brock Lesnar back.

How much pressure the big executives of WWE are under can be gauged from the fact that 5 major title changes have been seen within the last 1 month. So in this article, let us know about the 6 new champions who have been seen in WWE in the last one month.

Charlotte Flair is the new WWE Raw Women’s Champion

Remind you that not even a month has passed since WWE SummerSlam 2021 was held. An event that saw 4 different title changes. The same event also saw a Raw Women’s Championship match, with Nikki ASH defending her title against Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley in a triple threat match.

A fierce match was fought between the three, in which Charlotte won and became the new Raw Women’s Champion. It was almost a month since Nikki became the champion and her championship journey ended so soon, it was a shocking moment for many people.

With the win at SummerSlam 2021, The Queen became a 12-time WWE Women’s Champion. Charlotte is currently a part of a feud against Alexa Bliss and the Raw Women’s Championship match has also been booked for the Extreme Rules 2021 PPV.


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