After getting a new champion in WWE NXT, fans created a ruckus, Twitter flooded with reactions

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The episode of WWE NXT proved to be a blast. It was supposed to be a new beginning for NXT. If seen, some big surprises and shocks were seen in the episode. During this, the new NXT Champion was also announced. Actually, Samoa Joe had to give up the title due to injury.

For this reason, a new champion was seen in the episode of WWE NXT. Actually, a tremendous match was organized for the vacant title. Tommaso Ciampa won the match. At the same time, he became the new champion. It was a very special moment for him. Fans loved this episode very much.

During this time, many fans were also happy to get a new NXT Champion. Most people gave their reactions to Tommaso Ciampa becoming champion. So in this article, we are going to talk about the reactions of the fans to the new champion found in the episode of NXT.

Fans’ reactions to WWE NXT:

(Not a bad thing for the new era of NXT! Congratulations to Tommaso Ciampa on becoming the new NXT Champion.)

(YES, Tommaso Ciampa is the new NXT Champion!!!! Goldie is back!!)

(NXT 2.0 looked crazy and weird but the superstars brought the power to it. Congratulations Tommaso Ciampa on getting Goldie (NXT Championship) back.)

(We’ve seen Big E and Tommaso Ciampa win championship nights back to back. WWE is doing some great things now.)

(If you don’t like NXT 2.0 then I can’t do anything. We have Tommaso Ciampa once again as NXT Champion. All is well in the world.)

(NXT was really great today. Carmelo Hedge and Trick cut a great promo and their beatdown for Duke Hudson was awesome too. The women’s tag match was really fun, the co-main event exploded where Tommaso Ciampa won Which he never lost and the marriage was somewhat fine. NXT today was a 9 out of 10.)

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