Are WWE legends The Undertaker and Kane brothers in real life?

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Undertaker and Kane have been a big name in WWE. The two played each other’s brothers during the storyline in WWE. Both of them also had tremendous rivalry among themselves. Both of them made quite a name in the Brothers of Destruction tag team. Many fans feel that these two are brothers in real life too. Many fans believe that this was done only during the storyline. By the way, let us tell you that Kane and Undertaker are not each other’s brothers in real life.

Undertaker and Kane made a lot of names in WWE, fans always liked their work

Kane made his WWE debut in 1997. Kane interfered in the match between Shawn Michaels and Undertaker. Because of Kane, Undertaker got a big win against Michaels. Kane and Undertaker then hugged each other.

Kane came in at the beginning and supported Undertaker a lot. Seeing both of them, it seemed that they were really brothers. The two worked together a lot. The feud between the two was also tremendous. Fans enjoyed a lot in their rivalry.

Kane and Undertaker are no longer seen in WWE. The Undertaker took retirement from wrestling last year. Kane was also present during this time. Ken became very emotional. Kane and Undertaker worked together for almost 25 years. The Undertaker has also said in an interview that he considers Kane his brother. Kane is no longer seen in WWE. Kane has now gone into politics.

Fans want to see the pair of these two together once again for the last time. By the way, Ken had given indications of this some time ago. The way these two worked, it seemed that they are real brothers but it is not so. The Undertaker will probably never be seen in the ring again, but Kane may definitely be seen for the last time.


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