Big E became the new champion on WWE Raw and after the defeat of the legend, Twitter was flooded with reactions

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The episode of WWE Raw proved to be quite a bang. WWE made it truly special and memorable. All the fans were overjoyed with this episode. WWE has well booked the start and end of the show. In between too many good matches were seen. If seen, the whole episode was interesting.

WWE disappointed in a few places but most of the episodes were interesting. The most talked about topic of this episode was Big E’s Money in the Bank contract cash-in and becoming the WWE Champion. Every single fan is talking only about the same topic. Many fans have been overjoyed with this thing.

Big E has always been a fan favorite. For this reason, he is getting tremendous reactions on the biggest win of his career. So in this article we are going to talk about the reactions of the fans to the episode of Raw.

Fans’ reactions to WWE Raw:

(Congratulations Big E on winning the WWE Title!! You deserve it!! I’m jumping with joy!!)

(The New Day must fight Triple Threat once for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. No heels, just 3 friends who manage to get on the same path. Javier wins. They hug each other at the end .)

(With all of today’s excitement, I wouldn’t want to forget this guy. A terrific athlete who had a terrific run as WWE Champion. Something I never thought would happen. Thanks Bobby Lashley.)

(10 points out of 10 for Raw for me.)

(I expect Big E to become the WWE Champion with The Bloodline vs The New Day in Survivor Series.)

(Congratulations Big E on being the new WWE Champion today and I’m so proud of you.)

(It gives me great pleasure to see everyone happy for Big E.)

(All the love Big E is getting is a wonderful thing.)

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