Despite getting a new champion in the form of Big E, WWE suffered a huge loss, a big blow to the ratings of Raw

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WWE has suffered a major setback this time. There was a lot of ruckus in the Red brand and WWE also got a new champion in the form of Big E. Despite this, there has been a significant drop in viewership. Hearing this news, a wave of sorrow must have engulfed the company. The viewership of the RED brand stood at 1.607 million this week as compared to 1.849 million last week. Overall, WWE has suffered a huge loss this time.

WWE got a new champion this week in the form of Big E

Last week, AEW overtook Raw in terms of viewership. Vince McMahon was definitely worried because of this. In this week’s episode of Raw, he gave a big surprise to the fans. A few hours before the start of Raw, Big E announced that he would cash in his Money in the Bank contract. This big decision was taken to reverse the rating of AEW. Big E also cashed in and he became the new champion. However, the viewership did not get any benefit.

The Red brand opened the show this week with 1.672 million. In the second hour it fell to 1.634 million. There was a slight increase in the third hour. The show ended with 1.703 million. This time WWE tried to do a lot of new things in the Red brand. All these things were done to increase the viewership. To no avail and viewership came down drastically.

Hearing all this, Vince McMahon’s concern must have increased even more. There is always an increase in the viewership of the Blue brand but the condition of the Red brand is going very bad. This week saw some good matches and segments but to no avail. Bobby Lashley is defeated and now Big E is the new champion. Big E will be under a lot of pressure now. Viewership is in bad shape and in such a situation, Big E will have a lot of responsibility.


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