Elon Musk praised Provorov’s refusal to participate in a rally in support of LGBT

Elon Musk supported Provorov after the hockey player refused to participate in a rally in support of LGBT

MOSCOW, 20 Jan – American businessman Elon Musk, owner of Tesla and Twitter, expressed his support for the Russian Philadelphia Flyers hockey player Ivan Provorov, who refused to participate in a rally in support of LGBT people before the National Hockey League (NHL) regular season match.
On Tuesday, Provorov missed the roll-out before the game with “Anaheim”, but took part in the match and helped the “pilots” to win (5:2). Philadelphia’s head coach John Tortorella said that Provorov’s absence from the pre-match reel was due to the player’s refusal to wear a special jersey with pro-LGBT symbols. Provorov himself emphasized that his refusal to wear a jersey with logos of sexual minorities is not an insult to representatives of these communities, and explained his position with religious considerations.
After the match with Anaheim, Tortorella said he respected Provorov’s decision and saw no reason to put the defender on the bench because of his refusal to wear a pro-LGBT sweater. After this incident, Provorov was forced to turn off the ability to comment on his posts on Instagram (the activities of Meta (social networks Facebook and Instagram) are banned in Russia as extremist) due to harassment. On Thursday, the act of the Russian was appreciated by Fox News TV presenter Tucker Carlson, who called Provorov a hero on the air of the channel.


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