European champion in biathlon Shumilova won the Race of Champions in Raubichi

Former biathletes Shumilova and Novikov won the Race of Champions in Raubichi

MOSCOW, 22 Jan – European champion Ekaterina Shumilova and Olympic silver medalist Sergei Novikov became the winners of the Biathlon Champions Race, which was held in Raubichi, Belarus, as part of the Commonwealth Cup.
The race was held in the format of a single mixed relay with a lap distance of 400 m and eight firing lines with the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes.
Shumilova and Novikov showed the result of 14 minutes 43.6 seconds, they spent 11 extra rounds and ran 4 penalty loops. World and European champion Yekaterina Yurlova-Perkht and three-time world champion Petr Ivashko (lag – 16.8 seconds; 8 extra rounds + 7 penalty loops) became second, the bronze medalist of the World Championship Olga Podchufarova and world champion Oleg Ryzhenkov (+16, 9; 10+6).
European champion Olga Nazarova and two-time Olympic bronze medalist, president of the Russian Biathlon Union Viktor Maigurov were seventh (+1.51.8; 11+9), World Championship silver medalist Lyudmila Kalinchik and Olympic silver medalist, coach of the Russian national team Pavel Rostovtsev finished last, eighth place (+1.52.2; 17+13).


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