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‘I have had many ups and downs in life, have lost both brother and father’, says Chetan Sakaria

Chetan Sakariya of Gujarat, who lost his brother and father in a span of four months, was selected in the Indian team for the tour of Sri Lanka. Playing for Rajasthan Royals in IPL this year too, Sakariya showed a very impressive game. After selection in the team, Chetan Sakaria remembered his father and said that it was my father’s dream.

Talking to The Indian Express, Chetan said that I wished that my father would have been here to see all this. I am missing him today because it was his dream that I play for the Indian team. This year God has given many ups and downs in life. These have been the most emotional moments ever. A month after I lost my brother I got IPL contract and I lost my father, after that I got selected in Indian team.

Recalling his father, Sakariya said that I stayed with him in the hospital for seven days. No one can fill their gap. It (team selection) is for my father and mother who allowed me to continue with cricket.

It is noteworthy that the father of Chetan Sakaria died in the second wave of corona virus. Sakaria was in the hospital with his father after the IPL was postponed but his father left the world saying goodbye. Earlier in January, his younger brother had passed away.

Sakariya showed an impressive performance in the IPL while playing for Rajasthan Royals and picked up 7 wickets in 7 matches. The Indian team will play ODI and T20 series in Sri Lanka next month. Apart from Chetan Sakariya, many other uncap players have also been included in the team.

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