‘If Virat Kohli comes in the old form, then he will not make a century or a double century, he will also make 300’

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Everyone knows how Virat Kohli performs when he is at his best level of form. For some time, he has not been successful in scoring a century and questions have also been raised on him. Everyone wants Virat Kohli to score a century with the bat. Meanwhile, former Indian captain Kapil Dev has also given his reaction. Kapil Dev has also given his statement on the questions raised on Kohli’s captaincy.

Kapil Dev on the show Uncut said that for so many years when he was scoring runs, no one said anything about captaincy and Virat’s batting and now suddenly there is an opinion on his graph fluctuating. . When he scored that double century and so many centuries, was there no pressure?

Kapil Dev did not stop here and further said that his graph has definitely gone up and down but for how long? The age of 28 to 32 is the stage when you bloom. He has become experienced and mature. If he returns to his old form, he will not only score a century or a double century but also score 300 runs. There is no shortage in his fitness, he just has to recognize himself and score big.

India Nets Session.  England test series
India Nets Session. England test series

It is noteworthy that the performance of the Indian team on the England tour was good but Virat Kohli’s game did not change much. He managed to hit two fifty but he did not see the same confidence as before. Questions are also being raised on his captaincy due to the form. There is a demand to make Rohit Sharma the captain in limited overs cricket.

However, no one should doubt Kohli’s ability. Once in form, he can prove to be a small bowling attack. He has the second leg of the IPL to go into the upcoming T20 World Cup with better form. His game there will be worth watching.

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