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New OB28 update details, characters, pets, game mode changes and more

Free Fire gets updates from time to time. Along with this new features are added to the game. A few days ago, Garena released the OB28 update for Free Fire. In this article, we are going to talk about the things that came in the new update.

Small and big information related to Free Fire’s OB28 update

new belly

A character named D-Bee has been introduced in Free Fire and its strength is Bullet Beats. With the help of this character, when you fire while moving, your movement speed will increase by 5%, while there is also a big improvement in accuracy.

New belly in Free Fire

A new pet Dr Beanie has been added to Free Fire. Its strength is the Dashy Duckwalk. This will improve movement speed by 30% while crouching.

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Change BR Mode in Free Fire

The Battle Royale mode has changed a lot inside Free Fire. Here are the details of all the changes:

  • The loot on the ground in Battle Royale matches has been improved.
  • The purchase limit on some items has been increased.
  • The time to get the revival point will be from 14 to 33.
  • The revival point’s cooldown will increase from 150 to 180 seconds.
  • Revival points have been reduced from 9 to 8 per game.
  • Rating score of every match will increase.

Ice Grenade in Free Fire

Ice Grenade has been added and added to BR Mode and Clash Squad Mode. Its damage is of 100 while the radius of explosion is 5 seconds. Its time is 10 seconds. Apart from this, you can benefit in many different ways.

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