Russian star of the NHL club refused to participate in the action in support of LGBT

The player of “Philadelphia” Provorov refused to wear a sweater in support of sexual minorities

MOSCOW, 18 Jan — Russian defender “Philadelphia Flyers” Ivan Provorov refused to participate in support of sexual minorities.
The Russian missed the roll-out before the regular season match of the National Hockey League (NHL) against the Anaheim Ducks, but took part in the game and helped the “pilots” win (5:2). After the match, Philadelphia head coach John Tortorella said that Provrov’s absence from the pre-match reel was due to the player’s refusal to wear a special sweater with symbols in support of LGBT communities. According to the Flyers mentor, the Russian referred to religious beliefs.
Provorov himself emphasized that his refusal to wear a jersey with logos of sexual minorities is not an insult to representatives of these communities.
This season, Provorov has played 45 matches and scored 15 points (2 goals and 13 assists).


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