Source: Kostomarov is undergoing an emergency ECMO procedure at Kommunarka

Figure skater Kostomarov undergoes ECMO in a hospital in Kommunarka

MOSCOW, 10 Jan – 2006 Olympic ice dance champion Roman Kostomarov is already in a hospital in Kommunarka undergoing life-sustaining life-sustaining ECMO, a life-sustaining emergency oxygenation procedure, a source familiar with the matter said.
Earlier, ice show choreographer Maxim Stavisky said that Kostomarov was in intensive care with pneumonia, later another source reported plans for his transfer to Kommunarka. On New Year’s holidays, Kostomarov performed in Ilya Averbukh’s show “The Wizard of Oz”.
ECMO – extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, an invasive method used in cases necessary to maintain human life, during this procedure, blood is taken from the body, passes through an oxygenator. ECMO is intended to provide an opportunity to cope with a serious condition that has arisen and restore the functioning of diseased organs.
Kostomarov was paired with Tatyana Navka. In addition to Olympic gold, the pair has two victories at the World Championships and three each at the European Championships, the Russian Championships and the Grand Prix Finals. At various times, Ekaterina Davydova and Anna Semenovich were Kostomarov’s partners.


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