The media learned the penalty “Levski” cancellation of matches with “Spartak” and “Ural”

Sports theme: Levski will pay 764 thousand rubles to Spartak and Ural for canceling matches

MOSCOW, 24 Jan – The Bulgarian football club Levski will pay 764,000 rubles each to Spartak Moscow and Ural Yekaterinburg as a penalty for canceling scheduled friendly matches during training camps, according to the Bulgarian edition of Tema Sport.
Half of this amount “Levski” will receive from “Krasnodar”, which on its own initiative canceled the match with the Bulgarian club. The rest of the money will be paid from their own funds by Levski’s head coach Stanimir Stoilov and the team’s executive director Ivaylo Ivkov.
Levski was supposed to play against Ural on January 22, against Spartak on January 31. Fans of “Levski” were against holding friendly matches with Russian clubs. On January 20, the Bulgarian club announced the cancellation of the control games with Spartak and Ural.


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