The real reason Big E cashed-in the MITB briefcase on Raw to win the WWE Championship is revealed

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Fans got a big surprise this week on WWE Raw. Big E wins the WWE Championship by cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase over Bobby Lashley. Big E won the WWE Championship for the first time in his career. Andrew Jarin of the Mat Men Podcast has backstage big news about Big E winning the WWE. Big E won the WWE Title shortly after Andrew’s tweet.

WWE gave a big surprise to the fans this week

According to Andrew, Big E’s victory was going to happen on Raw on the day of the WWE Draft. Let us tell you that the original date of WWE Draft was on 30 August and 3 September. However, this plan was changed again. Because of this, Big E was made the champion on Raw.

After a long wait, Big E won the WWE Title. Fans were also demanding this thing long ago. Big E is currently part of the Blue brand but by going to the Red brand, he cashed in this time. The reaction of the fans on Big E’s victory was also very strong.

Kofi Kingston won the WWE Title at WrestleMania 35. Big E was present at the ring side when Kofi became the champion. Fans demanded that Big E should be pushed. WWE made Big E the winner of the MITB ladder match in July and after that he became the WWE Champion. New Day was dropped in last year’s draft. Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston were put on the Red brand and Big E stayed on the Blue brand. It was only then that it was anticipated that Big E would be pushed as a single superstar.

Bobby Lashley’s championship run was excellent. He was the champion till about 197. Bobby Lashley has done a bad job of his rivals. This time also he defended his championship by defeating Randy Orton. After the match, Randy Orton was slammed by Lashley on the announce table. During this, Lashley suffered a leg injury. Big E took advantage of this and got the championship.


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