“Virat Kohli should not be removed from the captaincy until he himself says so”

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There has been a big reaction about the captain of the Indian team, Virat Kohli. Former cricketer Ritender Singh Sodhi has said that Virat Kohli should be allowed to captain as long as he wants to remain the captain.

During a conversation with India News, Ritender Sodhi said that it should be left to Virat Kohli to decide how long he wants to captain. As long as he wants to be the captain, he should be allowed to stay.

He said, “Virat Kohli’s records are tremendous and no proof is needed. Virat Kohli is such a captain who should be allowed to remain captain till he himself announces to step down. When you are a superstar So the number of fans increases a lot but at the same time your critics also increase. The job of critics is to criticize whether you perform well or not. They have to criticize you.”

Rumors of Virat Kohli leaving the captaincy of ODI and T20 teams were spread

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Virat Kohli during the net session of the Indian team

Let us tell you that a day earlier there were reports of Virat Kohli leaving the captaincy of ODI and T20. There were reports in the media reports that Virat Kohli will step down from the limited overs captaincy after the T20 World Cup and Rohit Sharma will be made the new captain of ODI and T20 in his place.

Apart from this, it was also said that Virat Kohli wants to focus more on his batting and that is why he has decided to captain in only one format.

However, later BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal called these reports a rumour. He said that this is all nonsense. No such thing has happened. All this media is making its own guesses. BCCI has not spoken to anyone on the captaincy issue. Virat Kohli will continue to be the captain of the team in all three formats.


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