wwe 4 superstars injured currently 4 big superstars of WWE who are currently injured

WWE is currently facing a lot of competition from AEW. However, WWE is still at the pinnacle of the pro wrestling industry. The Superstars of this company have been instrumental in keeping WWE at the top, who do not hesitate to take risks to make matches entertaining. However, WWE Superstars have taken many years of training, so they often save themselves from injury during matches.

There have been many such moments in WWE when superstars could not stop themselves from getting injured during matches and due to this they had to stay away from action for a long time. If seen, it is very unfortunate for superstars to get injured and because of this many times their push is also stopped. In this article, we are going to mention 4 such Superstars of WWE who are currently injured.

4- MVP, manager of WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley

The MVP currently serves as the manager of Bobby Lashley on Raw. Let us tell you, this week in the main event of Raw, Bobby Lashley faced Randy Orton in the WWE Championship match. During this match, Randy Orton gave an RKO to the MVP at ringside. Now WWE has revealed that the MVP has a broken rib due to Orton’s RKO.

Because of this the MVP will not be seen in action for long. However, it will be a huge loss for Bobby Lashley if MVP is not seen on Raw due to injury. Let me tell you, it was only after Bobby Lashley came along with the MVP that he started getting a big push in WWE. If MVP isn’t going to be seen on Raw for some time, it will be interesting to see how Lashley is going to perform in his absence.


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