WWE legend and former champion’s contract will end soon, will say goodbye to the company?

The contracts of many WWE Superstars are going to end this year or early next year. It has been seen that most of the superstars who left WWE have joined AEW. In such a situation, it is being speculated that some R Wrestler may leave WWE and go to AEW. According to reports, the contract of WWE NXT legend Johnny Gargano is going to end on December 3 this year.

Earlier it was reported that the future deal of Kevin Owens could not be negotiated and his contract would end in January 2022. Although there are some superstars whose contracts have increased, but with the news of Johnny Gargano’s contract, fans are now hoping that he can leave the company and maybe go to AEW.

WWE is preparing plans for Johnny Gargano

WWE is now preparing plans for Johnny Gargano after Adam Cole and Daniel Bryan had previously terminated their contracts. Now the company will not want another wrestler to be out of their camp.

According to the reports of Sapp, the company has a lot of deals to stop Johnny Gargano. Although WWE also offered Adam Cole and Bryan, they both had made up their mind. Johnny Gargano has been considered the future of WWE, but if he does not stay in WWE, then it will not be wrong to say that Vince McMahon’s enemy company i.e. AEW can go.

Many of Johnny Gargano’s friends are part of Tony Khan’s AEW, and may even tie up with the company for some change. Well, with Johnny Gargano winning the championship in NXT and being a Triple Crown winner, it remains to be seen whether Gargano leaves the WWE and moves to AEW or whether Triple H and Vince manage to stop Gargano somehow.

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