WWE veteran made a big statement about the match between Roman Reigns and Montage Ford, said- Glad to see a different match

WWE legend Dutch Mantell made a big statement about the match between Roman Reigns and Montez Ford while talking on the Sportskeeda Wrestling Smack Talk show. This week there was a tremendous match between Rens and Ford in the main event of Blue brand. Former WWE manager Mantell praised Ford’s performance. Mantell also said that Ford looked a bit nervous in the match against Roman Reigns.

This week’s main event of WWE SmackDown saw a tremendous match between Roman Reigns and Montage Ford

Roman Reigns defeated Ford in this match via submission. Ford also gave a good challenge to Reigns. Fans really liked this match. Dutch Mantel said of this match,

Ford did a great job. They lost but Ford won hearts with this unique match. Roman Reigns also raised Ford in this match. Although he did not take Ford to a high level, but Rance did his job well. This is the only thing that fans think. This shows where you are working. I think Roman Reigns helped Ford. Both supported each other. The setup was good from entry to the end of the match. The plan he had prepared worked.

In fact, Ford made fun of Roman Reigns and The Usos in the Blue brand. Ford said that The Usos are working as Roman Reigns’s servants. Roman Reigns then demanded a match against Ford. Roman Reigns was also smashed in the main event. After the match, Reigns attacked Ford again. During this, Damon Finn Balor also entered. The Usos and Reigns were first attacked by Balor with a candle stick, and then by the chair and then by Reigns. Everyone was surprised to see this.


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