WWE will get a new champion this week, there will be a match between 4 superstars for the big championship

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WWE Superstar Samoa Joe made a big announcement 24 hours ago. He left the NXT Championship due to injury. Samoa Joe looked very disappointed with this thing. Now a question was echoing in the mind of the fans that who would become the new champion. WWE has now made a big announcement for this. This week’s NXT show will have a Fatal 4th Match and the one who wins will become the new champion.

The championship match will take place in the episode of WWE NXT

Samoa Joe defeated Carrion Cross at Takeover 36 to win the NXT Championship last month. It looked like Joe’s championship run would last but it didn’t. WWE announced the number one contestant match for the NXT Championship last week. Whoever won this match would have got the title match against Samoa Joe. Now this match has been cancelled. The match will be Fatal 4th only but whoever wins will now become the straight champion. That is, this time the fans will get to see the new champion in NXT. William Riggle announced this via Twitter.

This episode of WWE NXT will see a Fatal 4th Match between Tommaso Ciampa, Kyle O’Reilly, L.A. Knight and Pete Dunn. This week the new champion will now go to NXT. A lot has changed in NXT now. This week NXT will be seen in a new style and new look. Vince McMahon has now taken over the reins.

Samoa Joe won the NXT Championship for the third time in his career last month. He became the first wrestler to win the championship three times. Fans thought that this time Samoa Joe’s championship run would be longer but it did not happen. NXT’s viewership was also benefiting greatly because of Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe said that he would recover his championship as soon as possible. The WWE medical team has just forbidden him from going to the ring. It remains to be seen when Samoa Joe will return to the ring.


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