Video games have long gone beyond the “for kids” category. Moreover, they can be called a cultural phenomenon that in the 21st century could revolutionize not only the entertainment industry, but also everyday life. Naturally, the competition among game developers is very high. They have to come up with characters that can fall in love with absolutely everyone.

Games can save you from boredom on a rainy day, and also affect your sense of style. Inside the virtual universe, you can afford everything for which there is enough imagination. Developers understand this and play with stereotypes, go beyond the usual, and combine the seemingly incongruous. Including in clothes.

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stylist and image maker

He talks about video game characters who have a special sense of style, broadcast it in every appearance on the screen, and even motivate representatives of the fashion industry to new achievements.

Dante from Devil May Cry

A half-demon-half-human who became a hunter of evil spirits for a reason – he has a deep family drama. The Japanese initially thought of Dante as “cool” and “stylish” – and they did not fail, the hero was loved all over the world.

Photo: Capcom

Catherine: The character looks stylish due to the fashionable hairstyle (bleached hair). The image of a romantic hero is created, a leather cloak reinforces this impression, and the black color in clothes adds brutality.

Adam Jensen from Deus Ex

Cyber-implants are becoming the norm in the not-too-distant future, but many oppose them. Our hero is also not a big fan, but fate is an evil thing – and only implants could save the life of poor Adam.

Photo: Square Enix/Eidos Montreal

Catherine: Total black plus a beard and a tousled hairstyle are the main style-forming elements. A black fitted leather coat with accented shoulders adds brightness to the look, and a holster gives masculinity and determination.

Agent 47 from Hitman

A bald killer with a barcode on the back of his head. The hero is able to eliminate his targets in the most sophisticated ways, in which he is helped by the unique ability to skillfully dress up and fit perfectly into any environment.

Photo: IO Interactive

Catherine: Classic black tie, leather gloves and a shaved head are the basis of the style for a serious, strict and at the same time frightening look. A red tie is a symbol of dominance, the desire for unlimited power (a position of suppression of rivals and aggression).

Cloud from Final Fantasy 7

Cloud became a mercenary after his service and struggled to emotionally distance himself from any mission. But he is almost immediately drawn into a revolution that is directly related to the hero’s past – and emotions still take over.

Photo: Square Enix

Catherine: Armor will always be associated with masculinity, as will exposed muscles in the arms. The hero of the game has the style of a young and attractive young man who is also a warrior. The presence of slightly baggy pants and massive boots is due to the necessary level of comfort during battles. The set hair is designed to “stretch” the silhouette of the face in order to visually balance the proportions of the body and the image as a whole.

Ahri from League of Legends

A predator by nature and a sorceress in fact. The heroine has a bright appearance – this beauty has two fluffy tails.

Photo: Riot Games

Catherine: The girl can be called stylish due to the super mini skirt (the trend of the summer season 2022). Emphasized chest and shimmering crystals on the shoulders add to the image of femininity. The closed top and deliberately open bottom create a sense of being collected, but at the same time playful. This effect is enhanced by long bright hair.

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Hot and alluring.  Top 10 Sexiest Game Heroines
Hot and alluring. Top 10 Sexiest Game Heroines

Ezio from Assassin’s Creed 2 and AC Brotherhood

Another character with a difficult fate. An Italian major of the Renaissance, whose father and brothers were publicly executed by traitors. But this made the hero grow up quickly and lead a secret order of assassins.

Photo: Ubisoft

Catherine: At first glance, hermitism and connection with religion are guessed. Fully closed body and head, layering of clothes, hard tissue fractures, but at the same time an open neck – all this creates a positive image. Knives in the hands add a heroic component.

Triss from The Witcher 3

The very third extra in the love triangle of the Witcher saga (although many are willing to argue with that). A smart beauty and one of the youngest sorceresses of her time.

Photo: CD Project

Catherine: The girl looks militant, but at the same time feminine. This is facilitated by the hard textures of the fabric in clothes, an open neckline and a strict look. The collar, like a royal mantle, adds mystery and mysticism. The blue color of the top cape symbolizes protection, stability and confidence.

Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village

An aristocrat with a rare blood disorder. With the help of the experiment, she was cured, dramatically increasing to almost three meters, but now she has to constantly drink blood to survive. Kind of a zombie vampire.

Photo: Capcom

Catherine: You can immediately notice that due to the dress made of thin fabric with ruffles and an open neckline with a strongly raised chest, a playful look is created. Beige color acts as a symbol of comfort and relaxation. A black flower brooch adds mysticism to the image, evokes associations with black magic and evil. A hat with exaggeratedly large brim, like a brooch, adds mystery to the image.

Dutch van der Linde from Red Dead Redemption II

Dutch was born to a Dutch immigrant and an English mother. There is not much information about his childhood, but it is known for sure that his family lived in not the most pleasant conditions. In the American Civil War, his father fought for the North – and died. It can be assumed that because of this he hates the South so much.

Photo: Rockstar Games

Catherine: A video game character looks smart with a suit, especially a blazer with satin lapels. The pasha scarf adds style to the hero, which matches in color with the stone on the jewelry. The unbuttoned collar of the shirt brings relaxation to the image. The hat and holster look like stylish accessories.

Jacob from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

A young and daring guy lives in Victorian London, he has his own gang “Rooks”. And he is also an assassin who follows justice, just like his ancestors, serves people and fights for freedom.

Photo: Ubisoft

Catherine: The style of this hero is achieved due to the complexity of clothing, mixing colors and textures. And the top hat has been considered the hallmark of English fashion for many years.

Takemura from Cyberpunk 2077

The same character that appears at the very beginning of the game and goes through it to the end. Over the course of the game, Takemura becomes an important link in the Cyberpunk storyline. He’s also not who he claims to be (spoiler!).

Photo: CD Project

Catherine: The Japanese have an elegant yet brutal style. A white jacket is combined with a white shirt of an unusual cut. The beard is neatly shaved, the hair is neatly combed, but graying is visible in them. Metal inserts (probably implants) and tattoos stand out brightly against the background of a monochrome image.

Pagan Min from Far Cry 4

Peigang Ming was born into a Hong Kong mafia family, and what he definitely borrowed from his father was a love of luxury. The main antagonist of the fourth part of Far Cry is always dressed to the nines and fully corresponds to the image of a real gangster – eccentric, stylish and a little creepy.

Photo: Crytek

Catherine: Classic 90s thug look: crimson blazer and paisley print shirt. The unbuttoned collar adds casualness, and the slicked and asymmetrically shaved hair is styled in the best traditions of bad guys.

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