Live Bangladesh Television BTV World

BTV World Television additionally known by the acronym BTV, is the state-claimed Television organize in Bangladesh. It began broadcasting as Pakistan Television in what was then East Pakistan on 25 December 1964. It was renamed Bangladesh Television after the autonomy in 1971. Communicates in full shading began in 1980. Around 2 million TVs get transmissions from the system’s 17 transfer stations. BTV has a national channel which is communicate from Dhaka. This transmission is handed-off to the entire nation by means of neighborhood transfer stations in significant urban areas of the nation. There is additionally a local station situated in Chittagong which communicates nearby projects at night. In the mid-1990s the national TV channel began to communicate the news projects of BBC and CNN. In 2004, BTV began overall communicates through its satellite-based branch, BTV World.

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