VIDEO: Going straight Hanuma Vihari eye in the eye, ran away and physio

India versus England fifth Test: The last and fifth Test match of the arrangement amongst India and England is being played at the Oval. On the fourth day of the match, there was a climate of perplexity on the ground when Ben Stokes hit the ball straight from Hanuma Vihari’s head protector remaining on a short leg. He had gone from the stumps in the wake of hitting the ball close to the eye. Group India’s physio Patrick Farhart had hurried to the shred
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The fifth and last Test match of the arrangement amongst India and England is being played at Oval. Britain have been in an exceptionally solid position because of the awesome century Alastair Cook, playing his last Test coordinate. Amid the England batting in the second innings, there was an environment of misery and disturbance in the field. Indeed, Hanuma Vihari, playing the primary Test coordinate, was handling on the short leg and England’s all-rounder and left-gave batsman Ben Stokes were on strike. Ravindra Jadeja had the bowl charge. On one of his turning balls, Stokes had played a solid shot, which slammed into Hanuman’s straight head protectors remaining on the short leg. The ball was specifically in favor of Hanuma’s side of the eye, because of which she got stranded. Not just this, the players present in the field, yet group physiotherapist Patrick Farhat additionally took off to the field. He assessed Hanuma on the spot. In the interim, England’s batsmen present in the field additionally achieved the Indian defender and looked for data about the damage. Hanuma Vihari additionally had some awkward in the first place. After some time the amusement began once more.


When this was the situation at Oval, Sam Karan was batting with Ben Stokes. Amid the episode, Karan was on non-strike. Britain’s score was 375 at the loss of 6 wickets. Clarify that England’s innings in the last Test of the arrangement is colossal. The hosts initially scored 332 keeps running in the principal innings, in light of which the Indian group could just oversee 292 runs. Britain in this way picked up a 40-run lead. In the second innings, England additionally gave a fine batting execution and announced 423 keeps running on the loss of 8 wickets and pronounced their innings. Along these lines, 464 runs are an immense focus for India to win. The beginning of India’s second innings was terrible and after one progressive three batsmen came back to the structure soon. Skipper Virat Kohli couldn’t open the record and he was gotten by getting shoeless on the main ball. Cheteshwar Pujara couldn’t open the record and Anderson was out lbw on the ball. The poor execution of Shikhar Dhawan proceeded in the oval too. He made only 1 run and came back to the structure. Along these lines, India have lost three wickets on the score of 58 after the finish of the fourth diversion. There is as yet an entire amusement left for the fifth day.
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Hanuma Vihari. (Photo Courtesy: BCCI)

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