Canadian forward beat Svechnikov in an NHL match

Canadian Max Domi beat Evgeny Svechnikov in an NHL match

MOSCOW, 25 Nov – Several matches of the regular season of the National Hockey League took place last night. The meeting between Winnipeg and Columbus turned out to be hot in every sense.
Despite the stubborn struggle, the Columbus hockey players managed to throw three unanswered goals to the opponent.
In the third period, Canadian forward Max Domi rushed into the attack at full speed, not hearing the whistle of the linesman, who recorded the offside. Domi threw the puck into the opponent’s goal after the signal to stop and the Winnipeg players did not like it.
After several dialogues in a raised voice, Domi decided to teach a lesson to the Russian forward Yevgeny Svechnikov, who wanted to protect the goalkeeper. Domi made several powerful blows, and Svechnikov did not even try to resist.
The Russian received two minutes for provocation. Domi got off with a double small fine.

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