Ovechkin said that his main goal is to work for the team

Ovechkin: the main thing is to work for the team

MOSCOW, 25 Nov – The captain of the Washington National Hockey League (NHL), Russian forward Alexander Ovechkin, after the match with Montreal, in which he scored an assistant hat-trick, noted that the main thing for him in the game is to work for the team.
Earlier, Washington beat Montreal 6: 3 at home. Ovechkin was named the third star of the meeting.
“I just gave the pass to Kuza (Evgeny Kuznetsov) – he gave the pass to John (Carlson). Then I gave the pass to John – and he found Kuzya with a pass. The main thing is when you play well and correctly in the majority, in equal squads. You work for the team, score goals, give passes. Everything is good here, “Ovechkin is quoted by the official website of the NHL.
“Some players dropped out, but other guys came to the fore. Everyone played diligently, with dedication in this situation. It’s good for the future: if something happens, we always know that there will be guys who will help in general business, “- said the athlete.

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