Russian skier Sorina suffered from coronavirus ahead of World Cup

Russian skier Tatyana Sorina suffered from coronavirus while preparing for the World Cup

MOSCOW, 25 Nov – Russian skier Tatyana Sorina suffered a coronavirus while preparing for the World Cup, national team coach Yegor Sorin said in an interview with the project “On Skis!” on Instagram.
“Unfortunately, this infection could not be avoided. Tatiana did not feel very well, her temperature rose after the All-Russian starts in Tyumen. The next day the test result came – positive. Naturally, we took all measures to isolate herself, she went for walks alone, and from September 28 she started light training, “Sorin said.
According to the specialist, after negative test results for coronavirus, the athlete flew to the training camp in Europe on October 2. Sorin noted that the illness she suffered practically did not change the skier’s training plan.
“Tanya is vaccinated, so the question of her admission to the Olympic Games is not even raised,” the coach added.
The Ski World Cup 2021/22 season kicks off on November 26 in Finland.

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