Everyone wants to keep hair healthy and thick, but only a few people know what is necessary for this. There are many people who only know that a certain amount of oil should be applied. There are also many people who know how to apply a single oil, while many types of oils can be applied to the hair.

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Hair grows on the upper skin on the upper part of your face. These come out from the pores which are on this upper skin. If a person does not take care of his hair, then he suffers a lot. In society, people ridicule such people who are absolutely wrong.

Having no hair at all cannot be a reason for anyone’s ridicule. Human hair can also be lost due to lack of essential minerals, vitamins or any disease in the body. In such a situation, if you apply oil but do not apply it for the right time or make any mistake then you will face trouble.

3 disadvantages of applying too much oil in hair

damage to the scalp

If there is any problem on the scalp then you will have a problem. Do not apply oil on the scalp for a long time as it damages the hair. It is not suitable for hair as well as scalp. In such a situation, you should take care of your health and should not apply oil in the hair for a long time.

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Doesn’t massage too much

There are many people who feel that if you apply the oil for a longer time or in more quantity, then it is beneficial. This is a myth and you should keep this in mind. Top of the head The scalp needs your massage, not too much oil or oil for a long time.

may be allergic

Every oil has its advantages, but it also has some disadvantages. If the oil is in excess, it can cause allergic reactions to the scalp. The properties present in the oil make it very important, but excess of anything is harmful and you know this.

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