Where to go from Sochi by train. 3 useful recommendations from a native

Where to go from Sochi by train

And some insider information on interesting stops.

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Where can I go from Sochi by train? What interesting places can you visit?

As a native Sochi resident, I spent my childhood on the sea and in the mountains, alternating one with the other according to my mood. One thing remained unchanged: I always traveled around my native land by rail. Looking out the window of a train along the coastline is a special kind of pleasure. And to everyone who plans to come to Sochi this summer, I can safely recommend several routes.

Krasnaya Polyana

Total travel time ~ 1.5 hours.

The railway line connecting Adler and Krasnaya Polyana appeared quite recently – less than 10 years ago, on the eve of the Sochi Olympics. But now it remains one of the most popular destinations within the Greater Sochi.

In addition to obvious logistical advantages, it is distinguished from its “competitors” by a completely unique experience for Russia in changing climatic zones within the framework of one trip. In just 40 minutes you can go down from the mountains and go out to the sea or, on the contrary, climb from the subtropical coast to the snowy caps. By the way, snow in the mountains also lies in summer, which is used by skiers and snowboarders in especially successful seasons.


Total travel time ~ 2.5 hours.

The Sochi-Tuapse route is a classic of rail travel. Moreover, it is not necessary to go to Tuapse itself. It is enough to sit by the window (on the left in the direction of travel from Sochi – this is important!) And enjoy the panorama of the Black Sea, which is occasionally diluted by resort villages.

Now some insider information on stops: Sochi residents themselves appreciate the 73 km station and the local wild beach, the best camp sites are in Gorny Vozdukh, and from Golovinka you can climb towards Kichmay. There you can see tea plantations and 33 waterfalls on your own, without organized groups.

However, I recommend at least once to get into the “Swallow” without an ultimate goal and, having improvised, get off at any station you like. When you do not know what to expect, the impressions from the trip remain the most vivid.


Total travel time ~ 4.5 hours.

The idea of ​​going from a resort town to a bustling millionaire may seem strange, but only at first glance. In recent years, Krasnodar has acquired several new “places of attraction” at once, such as the park of the same name, which is compared with Moscow’s Zaryadye, and also the status of the southern bar capital of Russia.

All the most interesting things in the city are concentrated around Krasnaya Street, which is blocked for transport on weekends, forming a spontaneous public space. The main thing to be prepared for in Krasnodar is the heat. By the middle of summer, the air warms up to 40 degrees, which, in the absence of the sea, is not very encouraging. But with another “trouble” of Krasnodar – the legendary traffic jams – railway travelers run the risk of not encountering. And it’s definitely for the best.

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