3 Major Championships In WWE That Roman Reigns Has Never Won

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WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns can be considered the biggest superstar of the company at the present time. He can single-handedly attract millions of fans towards him. Roman Reigns has done an even better job after becoming a heel. Since then he has remained the Universal Champion and no superstar has been able to stop him.

It’s been a long time since Roman Reigns worked in WWE. During this, he has captured many titles. He became the first tag team champion in WWE. After that he won the world title. In addition, Rance has also been the United States and Intercontinental Champion. If seen, the career of Roman Reigns is full of many championship victories.

Roman Reigns has worked in WWE for years. Despite this, there are some titles that he has never won in his WWE career. So in this article we are going to talk about 3 championships that Roman Reigns has never won in his WWE career.

3- WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Roman Reigns has never won the SmackDown Tag Team Championship in his WWE career. He once became the WWE Tag Team Champion with Seth Rollins. The name and design of the same title was changed to Raw Tag Team Championship. However, the SmackDown Tag Team Championship was brought in in 2016.

After this, Roman Reigns worked as a Raw Superstar for many years. After this he became a part of SmackDown but he has appeared in singles matches on most of the occasions. He has also not contested a match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. He may not have won these titles but his brothers Jimmy and Jay Uso are doing a great job as SmackDown Tag Team Champions right now. In the future, Roman Reigns will definitely have a chance to win these titles.

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