3 reasons why Liam Livingstone could prove to be a key player for Rajasthan Royals

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Rajasthan Royals will face the most difficulties in the second phase of the IPL as most of their players have been ruled out due to injury or other reasons. Liam Livingstone can be considered an important player in the Royals team and he will also have full responsibility. The performance of Rajasthan Royals in the first leg has been poor, so the game of the second leg will be worth watching.

In the absence of their strong overseas core, the Rajasthan Royals camp will be hoping that Liam Livingstone can help fill the void. At this point he is pretty much guaranteed a place in the final XI and will try to make the most of this opportunity.

For some reason, Liam Livingstone can be considered a key player for this team and he can definitely prove to be a key player of the team with his performance.

big hit batsman

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he hits big sixes

In the absence of Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler, Livingstone will be responsible for the batting. He is capable of hitting big hits and this was seen during the T20 series against Pakistan. On the big grounds of UAE, such a batsman is needed who does not give any chance to the bowling team while hitting clean hits. He can take the team forward on the strength of his aggressive game.

spin bowling options

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He can be a substitute in spin bowling

Livingstone can prove to be an important name in bowling too. Though he has not been able to bowl much but does provide an option in the spin department. There is every possibility of getting help to the spinners in the UAE, so it can be said that Liam Livingstone’s role can be big for the Royals team.

great form

Livingstone’s form can be said to be a plus point for the Royals. In three matches of the home T20 series against Pakistan, his bat had scored 147 runs. It can be expected that he will go ahead showing a similar game in the IPL as well.


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