Where and what to eat during a road trip. 4 safe ways

How to eat on the road

Useful options will help you avoid health problems on the road.

When traveling by car, you often want to have a bite to eat, but this is not a reason to lean on the usual “travel” products: instant soups and sandwiches. Following the principles of healthy eating on a trip is not at all difficult if you approach this issue competently.

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If you know what nutrients our body needs, it’s not a problem to think over healthy snacks on the road.

What to take with you from home

This is one of the easiest ways to warn yourself against closed establishments along the road and a lack of shops. Here’s what you can take with you:

Squirrels – there are animal (meat, eggs, fish) and vegetable (legumes, soy, nuts and seeds) origin. On the road, you can boil a piece of chicken for lunch and dinner, and eggs for breakfast. As an option, replace one of these methods with nuts or another vegetable protein, as well as buy fish snacks that are convenient to take with you on a trip.

Fats – must be of high quality, saturate the body and give benefits. Healthy fats are found in eggs, seeds and nuts, avocados, and cold-pressed oils that can be added to a salad.

Complex carbohydrates – these are legumes, cereals that are needed for energy and well-being. You can pre-boil buckwheat, whole grain pasta, chickpeas and take it with you on the road. With such products, it is very easy to make a quick and healthy snack, especially if you add vegetables to them.

Cellulose – found in vegetables and herbs. The main recommendation – do not forget to wash them before leaving, so as not to waste time on the road.

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You can have a picnic by the fire: finding a cool place along the road or at some distance, laying out a blanket and having a bite to eat without haste is a kind of road romance. You already know how to create a healthy diet for yourself, and you will take all the necessary products with you. For example, pickled meat, fresh vegetables and pita bread. And since it’s summer, don’t forget to put everything in a cooler bag so your food doesn’t go bad on the road. Take disposable dishes and barbecue, wet wipes and a garbage bag with you. Do not leave behind an unpleasant “gift” to nature.

What to buy at the gas station

The choice of useful products at gas stations is small, but you can still find something:

  • bars – contain protein, carbohydrates and fiber (for example, bite, raw.life). But check the composition so that there is no sugar;
  • nuts (no dried fruit mixed in), sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds are a great protein option for meals.

Do not forget about water too: 30-35 ml of liquid per kilogram of body weight is recommended.

Read more about how much water to drink in summer here.

How much water you need to drink in the summer, said nutritionist
How much water you need to drink in the summer, said nutritionist

What to eat at a roadside cafe

You can always find hot food in roadside establishments. A good option is chicken or mushroom soup, whole grain pita bread, Vitamin salad. In general, such cafes can be considered, but the assortment depends on the institution. The main recommendations on what to look for when choosing food, we discussed with you earlier.

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