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4 WWE Superstars who should win the Money in the Bank ladder match

The next PPV of WWE is going to be Money in the Bank. WWE would definitely like to make this event special because the fans will return after a long time. Money in the Bank has been organized for years and many of the events will be remembered by fans forever.

Money in the Bank ladder matches are organized in this PPV. The winner receives a briefcase with the contract inside. According to him superstars can get matches for the world championship anytime. Many Superstars in WWE history have successfully cashed in on their contracts.

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Because of this, he has helped to become the top star in WWE. Money in the Bank ladder matches will also be organized in 2021. There are many such current superstars who can get victory in this match. Well, in this article we will talk about 4 Superstars who should win the Money in the Bank ladder match.

4- WWE Superstar Cesaro wins Money in the Bank

Cesaro will be a great option to become Mr. Money in the Bank. He has a lot of experience and in the last few months he has proved that he is a superstar worth winning the world championship. He has impressed in matches against big superstars like Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins.

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Recently, his enmity with Seth Rollins has come to an end. WWE can now make him a part of the Money in the Bank ladder match at the next event. He will be a strong contender to win this match. Cesaro has worked in WWE for many years and now he should be getting the fruits of the wait.

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