5 big stories that emerged from the show

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This week’s episode of WWE Raw was full of excitement. If seen, Big E becoming the new WWE Champion by cashing in the Money in the Bank contract against Bobby Lashley was the highlight of this week’s show. Apart from this, during this week’s show, Jeff Hardy was seen competing in the US Championship match. It looks like the company was forced to book Jeff Hardy for a better match due to protests from fans on social media.

At the same time, this week on Raw, the pair of two old friends finally broke up and the match between these two superstars will be seen during next week’s show. Also, this week on Raw, Alexa Bliss gave a stern warning to Charlotte Flair ahead of the big match at Extreme Rules. Apart from this, a lot was seen during this week’s show. Without delay, let’s take a look at 5 big stories that emerged from this week’s WWE Raw.

5- Jeff Hardy can continue to get opportunities on WWE Raw

WWE announced this week ahead of Raw that Damien Priest would be taking on the US Open Challenge during this week’s show. It looks like Priest was booked to take on the US Open challenge so that Jeff can come and answer his challenge. Anyway, WWE has been receiving a lot of criticism for some time now due to Jeff’s poor booking.

If we talk about the US Championship match in this week’s show, then Jeff had given a lot of competition to Priest in this match but Jeff lost this match. Even though, Jeff lost the match but the fans seemed satisfied with his better booking. Also, the fans demanded that he continues to get opportunities like this and it looks like Jeff may continue to get opportunities in the times to come.


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