What keeps us awake at night and how to fix it. The somnologist explained

What keeps us from sleeping

There are five main factors that negatively affect sleep.

Why is it difficult for us to sleep? What factors affect sleep?

We deal with the somnologist.

Sleep problems can occur for many reasons. Sometimes we, without noticing it, prevent ourselves from having a proper rest.

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Sleep has many functions. Being aware of them, we can understand why certain habits interfere with good sleep.

No physical fatigue

We sleep well when we are physically tired. If the body is not tired enough during the day, then sleep will be more superficial. Try walking more, sign up for a gym, do a little exercise at work. Physical activity should be given at least 40-60 minutes a day.

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Weak load on the brain during the day

In a dream, we recover not only physically, but also morally. To sleep well, the brain must work hard during the day. Of course, at work we always force the brain to work. But a little extra workload won’t hurt him either: pursuing a favorite hobby, reading, watching a good movie, or walking along unfamiliar routes will have a positive effect on sleep. If the brain is not busy with anything during the day, then it will not want to sleep at night.

Improper nutrition

Our sleep is also affected by the foods we eat. If you ate little during the day, and had a hearty dinner in the evening, all the energy will be spent on digestion, and sleep will not be as deep. Products containing caffeine – chocolate, energy drinks, coffee, green tea – should be consumed no later than three hours before bedtime. Spicy and heavy food, spices also impair sleep. During the day, you need to correctly distribute meals so as not to fill up at night and at the same time not fall asleep hungry.

Lack of preparation for sleep

About two hours before bedtime, you need to devote time to yourself. You can relax and do something calm: write down plans for the next day, listen to a podcast or an audiobook. So you gradually reduce the accumulated stress hormone during the day. The smaller it is, the better and stronger the dream will be.

Wrong timing for training

If you usually go to bed at 10:00 pm and only leave the gym at 9:00 pm, high levels of adrenaline and cortisol will keep you awake. Count the time so that the main physical activity occurs no later than two hours before bedtime. Then the stress hormone will drop, and you will quickly fall asleep.

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How much sleep do you need to get enough sleep, at different ages. The neurologist and the somnologist told

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