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5 reasons why Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio should have a WWE Universal Championship match in Hell in a Cell 2021

In the final episode of WWE SmackDown, Roman Reigns attacked Rey Mysterio and Dominik badly. During the Tag Team Championship match, it seemed that the father-son duo would win once again. Jay Uso and Jimmy Uso were about to spoil their family name by losing matches twice in the same episode. Roman Reigns came and tried to set things right.

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Rance’s eyes are currently fixed on his brothers. Despite this, Rey Mysterio and Dominic would definitely want to take revenge for last week together. Meanwhile, news is coming out that a match is being planned between Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio at Hell in a Cell PPV. So in this article, we are going to talk about 5 reasons why Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio should have a match in Hell in a Cell.

5- Roman Reigns vs Rey Mysterio will be a better option according to the storyline in WWE

It looks like WWE has not yet made plans to bring Tribal Chief and Jimmy Uso face to face. Apart from this, according to the storyline, it is being speculated that Roman Reigns vs Rey Mysterio will be a good option. Roman Reigns targeted Rey Mysterio and Dominic.

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In such a situation, the veteran would like to take revenge for himself and his son from the Universal Champion. In the past, Rey Mysterio himself has come forward to defend his family. Looking at the storyline at this time, it seems that once again Rey Mysterio will have to come forward. This time they will face a tough challenge.

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