5 exercises for the development of flexibility of the whole body from the Olympic champion

Vera Biryukova

Vera Biryukova

Olympic Flexibility Workout

Vera Biryukova shares her favorite workout that will help work out all muscle groups.

Vera Biryukova” title=”Vera Biryukova“/>

Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics

How to develop the flexibility of the whole body? What exercises will help?

If you want to be flexible, be flexible! You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to help yourself. All it takes is an understanding of your body and some basic knowledge.

Of course, flexibility depends on many factors: age, type of joints, elasticity of ligaments and tendons, the willingness of muscles to relax and contract. The level of flexibility is affected even by body temperature and the gender of a person, no matter how ridiculous it may sound. Although women are considered more flexible than men, due to physiological characteristics, absolutely everyone can develop flexibility.

Why you need stretching

And why is it, in fact, needed, you ask?

Improves blood circulation

Flexibility is important for circulation. Thanks to the blood, the organs are uninterruptedly supplied with oxygen, and gas exchange also occurs in the lungs. With good blood circulation, immunity and endurance increase, coordination of movements improves, the appearance of the skin changes, even the usual gait becomes different. The state of the spine is also associated with flexibility, respectively, it affects the work of the entire central nervous system.

Relieves emotional stress

With the help of flexibility exercises, you can relieve emotional stress. The state of mind will begin to change when you notice, albeit small, but still changes in the body. Not to mention the fact that flexibility reduces the risk of injury for both professional athletes and ordinary people. After all, no one is immune from accidents.

What else is stretching useful for and whether it is possible to lose weight with it, we told in our material.

4 important questions about stretching.  The founder of the school of flexibility answers
4 important questions about stretching. The founder of the school of flexibility answers

This simple workout will help develop the flexibility of the whole body – even a beginner can do it.

Exercises to Improve Whole Body Flexibility

Wave exercise

Shoulder stretch exercise

Shoulder stretching exercise

Leg stretch exercise

Preparatory exercise for twine

Remember, it is the flexibility of the body that gives freedom of movement, and this is very, very important. If you already have a chronic disease, check with your doctor about which exercises you can do. All in your hands!

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