One of the most important aspects when planning a vacation is choosing a hotel. A cozy hotel with quality service and delicious food can make any vacation unforgettable. We will talk with an expert about how to choose the right hotel anywhere in the world and what you should pay attention to so as not to go broke.

Sergey Levin

Sergey Levin

founder of the 2ROOMZ project

What should you look for when choosing a hotel for a summer vacation?

Hotel Services

Today, the tourism market is actively adapting to new realities, and while airlines suspend flights abroad, domestic tourism is flourishing. The Russian market is full of hotels with completely different services, so before you go on vacation, it is important to study the full list of hotel services in order to get the most out of your long-awaited vacation.


To begin with, you should decide what kind of vacation suits you, and based on this, choose a hotel. For example, if you are planning a passive holiday in a hotel where you can forget about working days for a few days, then choose a place with a developed infrastructure: restaurants, water parks, clubs, etc.

Such a hotel will allow you to enjoy your vacation, and for this you do not need to leave its territory. However, if you want to explore the sights or national cuisine, a quiet place with a cozy veranda overlooking the city will suit you.


The second important characteristic is the value for money. It happens that the same hotel room can cost more or less at different sites, so to find the best deal, use special aggregator services.

Modern service

Comfort is what people go on vacation for, so one of the important aspects when choosing a hotel is good, modern service. In addition to positive reviews and reputation, it is important whether the hotel’s service keeps up with the times. Are digital services being used to facilitate communication with staff.


If the location has an application that helps resolve issues remotely, then this is a definite plus. For example: you don’t know the language or you get sick on a trip, you can’t leave the room, but you can order food or resolve any issue without direct interaction.


When choosing a place to stay, do not forget to pay attention to the menu. The all-inclusive fashion is no longer so relevant, now many tourists prefer proper nutrition in order to stay healthy, full of strength and energy. If your holiday involves relaxing in a hotel complex, then study the list of dishes and visitor reviews.

Infrastructure for sports

A healthy lifestyle and physical activity is not just a hobby for many people, but a lifestyle. If you do not want to break your habits even away from home, strive to keep fit and are concerned about the safety of your muscles, then we advise you to provide for the availability of fitness rooms in the hotel.

Not all holiday homes have sports centers, so if there are none, check the availability of swimming pools and areas for walking or running. The SPA complex will not be superfluous, where you can relax after a workout, get a massage or lie down in the sauna.

We wrote about the benefits of being active while traveling in this material.

How does travel change us and our bodies for the better?
How does travel change us and our bodies for the better?

Even if you don’t like working out in the gyms, group classes – yoga, dancing, stretching, etc. – can brighten up your vacation. Regular physical activity will keep you fit and also improve your health to get the most out of your vacation.


Such mugs for amateurs will help you not only brighten up your vacation or do what you have long dreamed of, but also make new acquaintances. Especially such classes are suitable for couples when there is a need to take a walk only together.


If you plan to spend most of your time in the complex, then it is worth exploring the sports facilities. Holidays in summer are especially conducive to spending time outdoors. Playing tennis, badminton or golf is the perfect cardio workout to keep your weekend active and positive for the day.

In addition, gaming entertainment has a positive effect on the nervous system, relieving depression.

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