63 years since the birth of the legend of Spartak Fyodor Cherenkov: how the famous football player starred in television series

Fedor Cherenkov is a legendary figure not only for Spartak, but for the entire Russian football. He would have turned 63 today. Fans are well aware of his biography: 15 seasons for the main team of life, plus a short coaching career. Fedor passed away on October 4, 2014. But his memory is still alive.

And not only in football. It turns out that in the 2000s, Cherenkov starred in two cult Russian sitcoms – Happy Together and Voronins. Everyone must have seen them at least briefly, an invitation to a popular series is a kind of recognition of status and talent.

How Cherenkov played Happy Together

Naturally, in both cases, Fedor played himself. Cameo in “Happy Together” came out as follows: the main character Gena Bukin, at a meeting with friends, declares that his childhood team was the best in the area. This is heard by his rival from that time and offers a match to decide forever who is stronger. Naturally, Gena agrees. And brings together old friends. The main condition is fair play.

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But it immediately becomes clear that there will be no fair play. After all, the referee of the match is Bukin’s son. The opponent is even more fun. Four players unexpectedly come out wearing medical masks, arguing that they have the flu. After the first half the score was 0:4. And during the break, Gena’s team has doubts: are these really the guys with whom they played in the yard many years ago? At this moment, Roma Bukin finds a certificate in the name of the Honored Master of Sports in football Fyodor Cherenkov. A masked man immediately comes up to him (later we learn that this is Fedor himself) and says: “This is not mine, but I know where he lives, and I will bring it to him.”

A few seconds later, Gena is visited by suspicions. He turns to Ramiz Mammadov (also played in the film) and compares him with a childhood friend. Another friend has also changed, who now looks more like Andrey Pyatnitsky. Also, Bukin’s team identified Boris Pozdnyakov. But Bukin did not believe in such a coincidence and continued the game. In the second half, his team got seven more goals, and Gena was hardly carried off the field.

In the next episode, everything becomes completely clear. Cherenkov, Pyatnitsky, Mamedov and Pozdnyakov really played for the opponent. They are sitting on a bench when the wives suddenly appear. “That’s it, we’re in trouble,” one of them says. “Now they will arrange for us Argentina – Jamaica,” adds another.

Having discovered the deception, Bukin offers to replay the match until the first one is scored. He enters the field and scores in his own net. Final episode: four football players are sitting in a sports bar. A waitress approaches them and asks why they are ready to kill each other on the field. “The intensity of passions, adrenaline is cool,” Cherenkov replies.

Ramiz Mammadov

former Spartak defender

“Egorovich called me (the former director of the Spartak veterans club. – Approx. “Championship”), he said: they want to see you in the series. Four were invited – Cherenkov, Pyatnitsky, Pozdnyakov and myself. Why not? Regular paid job. Only two days. Filming took place in a dome not far from the Rizhskaya metro station: on the first day, an episode in a bar, on the second – in a hall and with supposedly wives. Our roles are small, only three scenes – in episode 181, they start from the 10th minute. And on the set you shoot for 2-3 minutes and then you sit for three hours, waiting for your turn to come again. Normally, lunch was served. With Fedor there was a story. According to the script, his hero had to say: “Friendship is friendship, and when will you return the debt?” Cherenkov suddenly became stubborn: “I can’t say that to a friend.” They argued for 10 minutes until Pozdnyakov intervened: “Yes, let me tell you already.” So Cherenkov’s remark passed on to Boris. But in general, everyone liked the new experience, made fun of … “

And what about the Voronins?

In the series “Voronins” the plot revolves around another event. Honoring the veterans of the 1979 champion team is planned at the Spartak base. And the main character, sports journalist Kostya Voronin, is approached by his mother – she asks him to take his brother Lyonya to the event. After all, this is the only pleasant memory from his childhood. Lenya even has a T-shirt with Cherenkov’s name embroidered on it, which he took with him.

“I wish Cherenkov was there, what did he do with the ball at all! I trained his signature feint for a year, and it still didn’t work out. I have a T-shirt with his name, when they became champions in 1979, I never washed it, ”says Lenya.

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They arrive at an event where Sidorov, Mirzoyan, Gavrilov, Khidiyatullin and Cherenkov participate in an autograph session. Two heroes want to go past the line, but a guard slows them down. Even the status of a well-known journalist of the Sport newspaper does not help. But then Konstantin Voronin is recognized in the crowd and they say that his articles are read every day. He tries to join the queue, but he is thrown out of there. Then another plan appears – Voronin breaks through to the players and reminds Khidiyatullin how he interviewed him.

“Yes, I remember. Did you write about former football players who have nothing to do now? Khidiyatullin tells him.

“Who is it?” Cherenkov asks. “Yes, no one,” Khadiyatullin replies. Voronin leaves. Not only from the players, but also at the end of the line. They never got to the players.

At the end of the series, the Spartak legends find themselves in a sports bar. In a similar queue, where they are offered to wait half an hour. Khidiyatullin, like Voronin, promises to solve everything. But he is driven away without recognizing the football player.

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