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A new sexy photo of Evgenia Medvedeva caused controversy among fans: praise and criticism for the skater


“Wow! Sexuality beyond! Medvedeva impressed fans with a spectacular photo

The figure skater studies herself and shares her discoveries with the public, but instead of rave reviews, she often receives harsh criticism.

Evgenia Medvedeva is rightfully considered one of the most beloved figure skaters in Russia. A student of Eteri Tutberidze took medals at the main competitions and delighted the world with heartfelt numbers. Young and sensual, she amazed the minds of the fans, but the time of growing up sooner or later had to come. And Zhenya decided to act.

The figure skater threw off her former guise of a shy girl and began to study herself from a new perspective. The experiments brought Medvedev to the strip-plastic gym and inspired her to shoot for a popular men’s magazine.

Thanks to the hot shots, the athlete seems to be having a frank dialogue with the public, talking about the results of her research. But along with rave reviews, she often receives harsh criticism.

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Medvedev pleased the fans with a new candid photo

The period of growing up for all skaters is different: someone needs time to start living in a new reality, and someone has to look for strength and courage to look at themselves differently. However, Evgenia Medvedeva obviously does not experience problems with self-acceptance. The athlete has long abandoned the chaste images from the competition and tries herself in new roles. Strip plastic classes, noisy parties with frank dances and, of course, numerous photo shoots – Zhenya is not shy about her sexuality and periodically pleases fans with hot shots.

This time it turned out even better than in the popular men’s magazine Maxim. Medvedeva posted a frame in which she poses in a simple set of black underwear and an oversized jacket. The laconic photo received a provocative caption in the form of an emoji with a black cat. Zhenya fueled interest in his person and caused fierce debate among the fans.

“Everything is bad with her, since she has to undress to her underpants”

The figure skater was criticized for excessive promiscuity. According to some fans, Medvedev is doing everything to attract attention, and it looks vulgar and ugly.

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“A cute bear cub has turned into a charming bear”

But Zhenya also has defenders. Most of the athlete’s fans praised her for being honest with herself and the public and admired the aesthetics of the new picture.

The new version of Zhenya, sexy and open, is liked, although not by everyone, but admires the majority of the figure skater’s devoted fans.


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