The sprinter from the USA at the 2022 World Cup broke the record. Lyles tore his shirt and knelt down

Andrey Shitikhin

Andrey Shitikhin

US sprinter Noah Lyles breaks World Cup 2022 record

And even Usain Bolt appreciated the women’s final in the 200 meters.

The finals in the 200 meters at the 2022 World Championships in Athletics in Eugene, USA turned out to be just a hurricane. Sherika Jackson from Jamaica and Noah Liles from the USA showed a phenomenal run and broke two records. Even Usain Bolt appreciated it.

“Diamond. Congratulations!”

A Jamaican showdown between Sherika Jackson and Shelley-Anne Fraser-Pryce was expected from the women’s 200m. One ran this distance very quickly this season and confidently passed the qualification and semi-finals, and the other is generally the most titled sprinter in history. Yes, and also the owner of a huge number of beautiful wigs that immediately distinguish her from everyone on the track.

Sherika Jackson celebrating her World Championship victory

Sherika Jackson celebrating her World Championship victory

Photo: Andy Lyons / Getty Images

The race was not only fast, but also very beautiful. In the first 100m, the more experienced and titled Fraser-Pryce was in the lead, but Jackson gave a phenomenal second hundredm. Her result is 21.45 s. World Championship record! The second time in general in history.

Only the American Florence Griffith-Joyner ran faster, who ran at the Seoul Olympics in 21.34 seconds. Having flashed at the 1988 Games, the record holder very quickly left the sport, and 10 years later she died in her sleep from an attack of epilepsy. Her amazing speed still raises doubts about whether everything was fair, but world records stand.

Although this time it was very close. For Jackson, this is the first personal victory in her career at the world championships, and Fraser-Pryce has increased her collection of awards from such tournaments to 13. Incredibly simple!

The great Usain Bolt appreciated the performance of compatriots with two posts on social networks. First he wrote “Diamond”, accompanied by Jamaican flags, and then added “Congratulations!”

“I was in such shape to break the world record”

Bolt’s own record after the men’s 200m final stood. But another record fell.

Noah Liles became a two-time world champion, running the distance in 19.31 s! He broke the US record, which was set in 1996 by the great “centaur” Michael Johnson. Then at the Atlanta Olympics, Johnson showed 19.32 seconds, setting a new world record.

Bolt in 2008 at the Olympics in Beijing threw off the record of 0.02 s, and a year later at the World Championships in Berlin he ran for 19.19! So far, no one has come close to this achievement.

Lyles was not the favorite for the final. After a beautiful victory at the 2019 World Cup, he lost the Tokyo Olympics, and this season in the USA, 18-year-old Herrillon Knighton shone, whom experts immediately recorded as the new sprint kings. After all, a month and a half ago he ran the 200-meter race in 19.49 s!

But Liles was just in his league. On his sixth track, he rushed forward from the start, leaving no one the slightest chance. Knighton is only third, and another American, Kenneth Bednarek, is second. After the finish, the champion beautifully tore his T-shirt in the style of Alexander Bolshunov, and then knelt down.

US World Cup Trio - Kenneth Bednarek, Noah Liles and Herriyon Knighton

US World Cup Trio – Kenneth Bednarek, Noah Liles and Herriyon Knighton

Photo: Steph Chambers/Getty Images

“I was in shape to break the world record, but I’m fine with the national one. When I was running at 7:50, I thought – damn it, how did Johnson run at 7:30? Did Bolt set the record to 19.19? How is this possible? Now I understand,” Liles said.

I wonder if he can take a swing at the world record? Still, there is a big difference between 19.19 and 19.31. By the way, Noah Liles did what his father Kevin Liles could not do – beat Michael Johnson. Let alone.

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