Abascal on his appointment at Spartak: the club is known all over the world, it’s a big responsibility

MOSCOW, June 17 – The head coach of the Moscow football club “Spartak” Guillermo Abascal, in an interview on the club’s YouTube channel, said that the “red-whites” are known all over the world.
On June 9, Spartak announced the resignation of Italian head coach Paolo Vanoli, under whose leadership the team won the Russian Cup. The next day, the club was headed by 33-year-old Abaskal.
“I made an important decision. I want to thank the sports director (Luca Cattani): he convinced me that we can achieve a lot here. For me it was an easy decision, I see that football is loved and understood here. I worked in Switzerland, there were good conditions, but nevertheless I moved to Spartak. This is a big project aimed at winning. Spartak is known all over the world, this is a big responsibility,” Abascal said.
“We (with the headquarters) studied the matches of Spartak, especially the last ten games. We will try to keep the positive moments, the previous headquarters did a good job. There are moments that need to be worked on. My age? It does not play any role. The main thing is the result of our work,” the Spanish coach added.



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