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Abdul-Rahman Dudayev – John Teixeira, ACA 141, KO by backfist


Furious knockout in Sochi. Dudayev sent the Brazilian veteran to sleep. Video

Alexander Frolov

It was frankly scary for Teixeira.

The ACA 141 tournament turned out to be exciting. There were enough bright fights and unexpected decisions, as well as juicy knockouts. Perhaps the brightest victory of the evening was won by Abdul-Rahman Dudayev, who was opposed by John Teixeira. Both fighters have vast experience: the two guys had more than seventy fights. But they got most of the victories by submissions and refereeing decisions – a knockout was unlikely.

However, the athletes behaved in the octagon in a completely different way than one would expect. No takedown attempts: after a short reconnaissance, Dudaev and Teixeira rushed to cut hard. Sweeping punches and kicks at first did not reach the goal – slips did their job. But soon emotions took over and the opponents simply forgot about defense. At first, the audience saw a few more misses, and then Dudaev unexpectedly turned on the backfist.

This was the key decision of the Warrior: a roundhouse punch flew right into Teixeira’s jaw. He collapsed as if knocked down – the battle did not last even a minute. However, the heated Dudayev was still eager to finish off his opponent, only a persistent referee was able to stop him. A chic knockout, which became only the eighth in the long career of Abdul-Rahman! It is surprising that with such a blow, he is not a classic puncher.

The rights to the video belong to the ASA promotion. You can watch the video on the official ACA YouTube channel.

But Dudayev’s sports activity cannot but rejoice. The fight he won was his third in the current calendar year. Yes, sometimes the Warrior has misfires, as in a fight with Rustam Kerimov, but in general, Abdul-Rahman’s accumulated move looks great. Let’s hope that he has many more successful fights and bright victories ahead of him. Such knockouts, as today, become the decoration of any tournament.


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