He became a heavyweight and finished as an MMA legend. This fight made Maga Ismailov a superstar

Evgeny Narizhny

Evgeny Narizhny

How Ismailov defeated Emelianenko

Thanks to the victory over Alexander Emelianenko, the fees of the Bald Predator are growing with each fight.

So far, not so many fights have happened in Russian MMA that can be considered truly important for the history of mixed martial arts in the country. First of all, everyone will name the dilogy of Mineev and Ismailov, someone will joke about the incredible confrontation between Ali Bagov and Rashid Magomedov, but few will immediately remember the fight that took place two years ago. On July 24, 2020, Magomed Ismailov met with Alexander Emelianenko at the ACA 107 tournament, and the fight became decisive for the Bald Predator.

Before the fight, many doubted Magomed, who agreed to fight Alexander in the heavyweight division, although he usually performs in middleweight. At the weigh-in, Maga showed 94 kilograms, Emelianenko Jr. weighed 23 kilos more. All this only strengthened people’s faith in Sasha and doubts in the Predator.

Alexander Emelianenko and Magomed Ismailov

Alexander Emelianenko and Magomed Ismailov

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

The coefficient for Ismailov grew every day – perhaps the analysts were embarrassed not only by the difference in size, but also by the fact that in the fall of 2019, Emelianenko knocked out Mikhail Koklyaev lightly according to the rules of boxing. But it turned out to be much easier to beat an unprepared strongman than a professional who is 20 centimeters shorter.

When the ring announcer announced the fighters, graphics appeared on the screen – it’s funny that Maga had “Striker” in the “Style” column. Perhaps Alexander expected that Magomed would try to compete with him in the standing position, but Ismailov, fortunately for him, decided not to risk it. Despite the difference in height and weight, the Bald Predator wrestled the opponent without any problems and beat him throughout the fight, and in the third round delivered several accurate blows to the head from ground and pound. Emelianenko was bleeding – the doctor decided to stop the fight and award the victory to Magomed.

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According to the manager of Magomed Ismailov and Alexander Emelianenko Azamat Bostanov, for this fight his clients earned 20 million rubles for two. Two years later, Maga receives the same amount, but only in his own pocket – approximately the same amount is due to him for the fight with Alexander Shlemenko. The media coverage of the Bald Predator after the fight with Emelianenko has increased many times over – now all the fighters competing in Russia want to fight him.

After the fight at ACA 107, Ismailov fought Ivan Shtyrkov at light heavyweight at the RCC, and then had a rematch with Vladimir Mineev. Despite the defeat, Maga has not lost in demand – this confirms the hype around the duel with Alexander Shlemenko. Emelianenko also lost a little financially after the failure in the fight with Magomed. Fedor’s brother gets paid for every fight

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