“Do you take us for boys?” The fighters staged a giveaway – the boss of the league got angry and stopped the shame

Evgeny Narizhny

Evgeny Narizhny

Ali Bagov - Rashid Magomedov

Bagov and Magomedov gave such a dull fight that the whole arena buzzed at them.

On the evening of July 22, Sochi hosted the ACA 141 tournament, in the main fight of which Felipe Froes met with Alikhan Suleymanov. In the co-main event of the evening, Ali Bagov and Rashid Magomedov fought for the right to reach the semi-finals of the Lightweight Grand Prix. One of the intrigues of this fight was not only its outcome, but also the weigh-in procedure: many doubted that Bagov, who had not fought in the 70 kg category for almost three years, would make weight. However, Ali showed the right numbers – half the way was completed.

Bagov was considered the favorite of the fight – in the last 11 fights he lost only once, to Murad Abdulaev by unanimous decision. Ali confidently deals with all rivals, while Rashid Magomedov has not been performing so powerfully lately. He lost the previous fight to Alexander Sarnavsky by a split decision of the judges – the defeat was his third in his last five fights. But it was hardly worth writing off Magomedov, who until recently confidently endured strong opponents in the UFC, including Gilbert Burns.

Rashid Magomedov and Ali Bagov

Rashid Magomedov and Ali Bagov

Photo: www.aca-mma.com

From the first seconds of the fight, it became obvious that Bagov would not change tactics. Ali immediately transferred the Highlander, after which he controlled near the net. Magomedov was able to get up from the stalls, but did almost nothing in the clinch, where Bagov was operating. A minute before the end of the round, the Hulk threw the opponent over the hip and went behind his back, but the choke failed. Magomedov executed a sweep and ended up on top, but did not benefit from a favorable position.

During the second round, Bagov continued to attempt transfers – in the middle of the segment, he scored a powerful takedown, throwing Magomedov into the center of the cage. Rashid constantly got up and imposed work in the rack. The Hulk as a whole looked no worse, but still, at every opportunity, he brought the opponent to the ground and frankly dried up the battle.

Before the third round, referee Gerikhan Shibilov made a remark to the fighters, stating that a tougher contact was needed. Bagov argued a little, and during the fight he stuck to Magomedov’s back in an attempt to strangle him. Hulk pressed all five minutes, but Rashid defended himself. After 15 minutes, Bagov definitely won the fight on points, but the audience was not more interested in this.

Gerikhan Shibilov issued warnings to the fighters for passive combat. The spectators rightly began to buzz, but this did not motivate the rivals in any way. The fourth round ended in nothing, and at the beginning of the fifth five-minute period, the head of the organization, Mairbek Khasiev, entered the cage and announced the disqualification of both fighters. “Nerves are already missing. Do you take us for boys? Everybody’s Free!” Khasiev was indignant.

It is obvious that Magomedov and Bagov treat each other too respectfully, as they have repeatedly stated in interviews. Therefore, mixing them up was a big mistake on the part of the matchmakers. And the disappointed face of Alexei Yatsenko in the break between the fourth and fifth rounds only confirms that the fight was a failure. I wonder now what will happen to Artyom Reznikov, who was left without an opponent in the semifinals. Will he really get to the final right away, where he will meet with the winner of the Raisov-Vartanyan pair? In any case, there has never been such a precedent in Russian MMA.

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