In Russia they showed the world how to deal with boring fights. UFC and Dana White, look

Denis Dorofeev

Denis Dorofeev

In Russia they showed how to deal with boring fights

The founder of the ASA clearly showed why his league is the second in the world.

On Friday, July 22, a rare precedent happened at the ACA 141 tournament in Sochi. During the fight, the founder of the league, Mayrbek Khasiev, entered the cage and disqualified Ali Bagov and Rashid Magomedov for passive combat. Although they had only one round left. But for Khasiev, the league’s reputation was more important than the knockout tournament.

“All! Stop! There is no fight! The ASA League is not a kindergarten. This is a serious league. No matter what anyone says, this is the second league of the world. Now we show you what league we are! All! Disqualification! I don’t have enough nerves anymore. What is this? Do you take us all for boys? So, everyone is free,” Khasiev said.

This was just the beginning – he also deprived the fighters of the fee.

“For God’s sake, no problem. Good luck. We will not pay them a fee. People came to see a good fight, we made serious expenses, and we were actually framed. I repeat once again, we do not hold any fighter. The doors are open for entry and exit. The topic is closed, they will not receive fees, ”said the owner of the ASA.

It seems that Khasiev decided to confirm his words about the second league of the world with deeds. Actually, this is how an effective way to deal with boring fights arose. Such fights are, unfortunately, an integral part of MMA, which is impossible to fight.

Dana White has at times scolded individuals for lackluster performances, but globally this has not affected in any way. Rose Namajunas gave two dullest fights, from which the head of the UFC escaped by watching boxing matches involving Canelo Alvarez. Is it a coincidence that Dana staged Namajunas fights at the same time as Canelo’s fights twice in a row?

There is also UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya, who already has five successful belt defenses. But he defends them so sluggishly that some dream of Alex Pereira slamming Izzy in the octagon too. Both Khasiev and White bear serious expenses for organizing tournaments. Naturally, they want the tournaments to make a profit, not a loss. But the fighters do not think about it from such a high bell tower, because it is important for them to win the battle with minimal losses.

However, not every UFC tournament can be called mind-blowing. There are also such events that instead of highlights there is a solid “tumbleweed”. And in order to come to such a desperate measure, which Mairbek Sulumbekovich resorted to, I propose to introduce several markers to determine this nature of the battle:

  • booing and dissatisfied rumble from the audience.
  • Passive combat. This may be a refusal to fight, the lack of movement in the stance, or the opponent lying down with a “blanket” throughout the fight.
  • Lack of response to warnings from the referee. If the fighters continue to fight at the same sluggish pace, then the referee should have every right to disqualify the athletes.
  • A small number of thrown punches. In a five-round fight, the minimum limit must be 150 hits. This is at least six beats per minute, and in a three-round fight at least 100 beats due to the more fleeting nature of the fight.

Organizers, broadcasters, and spectators benefit from such leverage. But what about the fighters? This is their job, they are primarily paid for fights, and not for training with a weight race. They can also be motivated by money – either you fight or you are left without a fee. Otherwise, why get into MMA? You can still get by with fines to avoid such interventions. Athletes are fined for being overweight. The same can be done for disrespect to viewers who have paid to view.

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