Activists ran onto the stage with NKR flags at the opening of the European Boxing Championship in Yerevan

YEREVAN, May 22 – On Sunday, activists ran onto the stage with the flags of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic during the opening ceremony of the European Boxing Championship in Yerevan, according to the Telegram channel of the opposition bloc “Armenia”, video footage from the action was also posted there.
“During the opening ceremony of the European Boxing Championship in Yerevan, members of the (movement – ed.) “Voice of Youth” with the flags of Artsakh (the self-name of Karabakh – ed.) suddenly rise to the stage,” the message says.
The footage shows how young activists unfurl the NKR flag, and after standing on the stage for a short time, leave it when the organizers of the event approach them.
At the end of September 2020, hostilities resumed in Nagorno-Karabakh, which became a continuation of a long-term conflict and led to civilian casualties. The parties made several attempts to conclude a truce, but the tripartite agreement reached on the night of November 10 was successful. With the mediation of Moscow, Azerbaijan and Armenia agreed to a complete ceasefire and exchange of prisoners and bodies of the dead. Yerevan also handed over to Baku the Kelbajar and Lachin regions, as well as part of the Aghdam region, which since 1994 have been under the control of the unrecognized NKR. In addition, Russian peacekeepers have been stationed in the region.
Since April 25, the opposition has been holding protests throughout Armenia demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Pashinyan. Their participants are convinced that the policy of the authorities threatens the country with the loss of statehood and threatens the existence of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.



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