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Alexandra Trusova is Russia’s favorite figure skater: voting final Skating, quadruple jumps, records, strip plastic


The final voting of the “Championship” for the title of “Favorite Figure Skater of Russia” continues: the students of Eteri Tutberidze Alina Zagitova, Evgenia Medvedeva, Alexandra Trusova and Anna Shcherbakova claim to win. Each has its own achievements, each is supported by an army of fans.

But only one skater will win – and how to make such a difficult choice? If you have not decided and are still hesitating, vote for Alexandra Trusova! Sasha is different from the rest of the contenders because she is special – the one who brought quadruple jumps to women’s figure skating on an ongoing basis.

Who is Russia’s favorite figure skater: Zagitova, Shcherbakova, Trusova or Medvedev? Superfinal!

Of the quads, only the rittberger remains to be conquered in competitions

For the first time I saw Alexandra live at demonstration performances after the 2018 European Championship, which was held in Moscow. The world was preparing for the Olympics, Alina Zagitova had just won in a head-to-head fight with Evgenia Medvedeva, but my attention was attracted by a young girl who, on a collective bow, stubbornly stormed the quadruple sheepskin coat, wanting to show it to the audience in Megasport.

Of course, figure skating fans already knew about 13-year-old Sasha Trusova – and she showed her perseverance everywhere, even at the gala show of an adult tournament, where she did not go by age. As a result, one of the senior skaters took her by the hand and took her to the others so that the girl would not be upset because of unsuccessful attempts.

Alexandra Trusova, YJWCH-2018

Photo: Joosep Martinson – International Skating Union/International Skating Union via Getty Images

A month and a half later, Sasha won the junior world championship – with clean quad salchow and sheepskin coat. The following year, she repeated this achievement, along the way “opening” a quadruple lutz at the stages of the Grand Prix among juniors. When she became an adult, Trusova “disenchanted” the flip as well – only the rittberger remains unconquered at the competitions. But in training, Alexandra has already demonstrated successful attempts.

No adult titles? But there are Guinness records!

Alexandra Trusova is about risk, sports and quads, many, many quads, but not quite about skating and that very “mature female” figure skating, which has become especially common in connection with the increase in age. It’s not for nothing that Sasha got the nickname Russian Rocket – she goes to quadruple jumps, even when injured, and without them she sees no reason to go out on the ice.

Experts do not agree with Trusova – they say, it is precisely because of the excessive risk that the skater still does not have significant adult titles – and Trusova does not agree with these experts. In the short program, she fails another ultra-c element – the triple axel – but Alexandra is adamant. “The triple axel is not discussed and will not be discussed. I will always do it. In training, it turns out regardless of the state, it’s not at the box office yet, ”Sasha said in a comment on Match TV after falling in the short program at the Olympics.

Trusova does not have adult titles, but there is a three-time hit in the Guinness Book of Records, which no one will take away from her. Sasha is inscribed in the history of figure skating as the first performer of the quadruple sheepskin coat, lutz and flip. “My parents told me that they brought it in for the third time. I am glad about this, I strived and taught the flip so that it would be included in the book, ”the joyful skater commented on the event in an interview with RBC.

Get away from Trusova – let her teach five. There are other skaters to slide

Five quads – Trusova’s greatest achievement

And what are five quads worth at the Olympics – a five-quad program, as the people call it? Sasha knew both her advantages relative to her competitors – Anna Shcherbakova and Kamila Valieva – and her shortcomings. She had only one chance to beat them: to jump perfectly clean five quadruple jumps. The Russian rocket landed everything – but with blots. This was not enough to defeat Shcherbakova, and Sasha roared sobbing not far from the side.
“I hate, hate this sport! I won’t go to the awards, I don’t want to, I won’t go! I will never go out on the ice again! Everyone has a gold medal, but I don’t!” the athlete screamed as the cameras caught this heartbreaking moment. But it will be a very long time before any other women make five quadruple jumps at the Olympics. It is possible that no one will repeat this.

Before the Beijing Games, Trusova reacted philosophically to defeats, realizing that she was missing out on victories because of her mistakes – falls from quadruples. And now she did not fall, but still she could not win gold, and this could not fit in her universe. For a long time, Sasha really didn’t return to the ice and missed the Channel One Cup because of the need to reboot, but then she appeared on the show in all her glory: both with the current coach (Eteri Tutberidze) and the former (Evgeni Plushenko).

Despite the Olympic breakdown, Alexandra is very self-critical and always knew where she needed to improve. While studying in Plushenko’s Angels, she additionally conducted ballet training, and Apassionata in the short program sparkled with new colors. And after Beijing, Sasha went to strip plastic and shared a video of the dance with subscribers, demonstrating her emancipation and disposition towards choreography – no matter what critics say about run-jump programs.

Now Sasha dreams of a quintuplets

Having completed the 2021/2022 season, Trusova did not rule out that she would learn the quintuple jump – even single men have not done this yet.

Alexandra Trusova, OI-2022, free program

Photo: David Ramos/Getty Images

“I tried, but this is no longer jump training, but attempts. I didn’t say I’d jump it. I said that if I train this jump, I want to jump earlier than everyone else. I hope that I will train him, I’m not saying that I’ll jump for sure, but I think it’s real, ”RIA Novosti Sport quotes the figure skater.

And the truth is – and when to learn the quintuple, if not now? The beginning of the Olympic cycle is the perfect time to experiment. Russia has many great figure skaters: musical, artistic, feminine. But Sasha Trusova is one of a kind and should be appreciated.

Go to the telegram channel “Skate” and vote for Alexandra!


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