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Alina Zagitova is Russia’s favorite figure skater: final vote Skating, victory over Medvedeva, work in journalism


The voting of the “Championship” for Russia’s favorite figure skater will soon come to an end: there is not much time left to vote for your favorite athlete. The winners and prize-winners of the last two Olympics – Alina Zagitova and Evgenia Medvedeva, Anna Shcherbakova and Alexander Trusova – were in the final.

You can only choose one of them – and this choice is incredibly difficult. Each has achieved incredible success in sports, but only one has managed to win everything. And this is Alina Zagitova.

During her fast-paced and vibrant career, Alina was able to become the champion of everything and gain hundreds of thousands of fans, so she definitely deserves the title of “Favorite Figure Skater of Russia”.

Who is Russia’s favorite figure skater: Zagitova, Shcherbakova, Trusova or Medvedev? Superfinal!

The first and only Russian woman with all titles

Alina is the first and only Russian figure skater who managed to collect the Grand Slam along with the Olympics. Irina Slutskaya could have done this, Evgenia Medvedev could have achieved this, but it was Alina Zagitova who did it. And in just two seasons: in the first adult, Alina won the Grand Prix final, won the Russian Championship, the European Championship and the Olympics, and the next year she coped with the World Championship. Then she was only 16.

The post-Olympic season turned out to be incredibly difficult for Zagitova, and there might not have been a gold medal with the World Championship: the skater went to Saitama at the last moment, she got to the airport “by car with flashing lights,” as she herself said in an interview.

Many argued that Zagitova became an Olympic champion thanks to luck: she was born in the right year, she approached the main start of her career at the ideal age for a figure skater, when there is no puberty yet and you can still control your body well.

Alina Zagitova at the Olympics

Photo: RIA Novosti

But the notorious “luck” and good starting positions still need to be able to use, which Alina did. The 2017/18 Olympic season was also incredibly difficult, and the Games themselves were a real test, which Zagitova passed with honor. She won every competition she entered, but it came at the cost of grueling training and trials.

“I severely limited myself in the Olympics. I didn’t even drink water. We just rinsed our mouths and spit out, ”Alina said after the tournament.

Alina’s work and her qualities were also noted by her main rival, Evgenia Medvedeva: “Alina knows how to work very hard, through overcoming. Everything always hurts for all of us, Alina knows how to overcome all this, knees, ankles … Before the Olympics, this was clearly visible. But Alina prepared very well for Korea and went through everything with her head held high. It hurt, however, a lot of things both of them.”

Alina Zagitova with the gold medal of the 2018 Olympics

Photo: RIA Novosti

Brought a huge number of fans to figure skating

The confrontation between Zagitova and Medvedeva brought figure skating in Russia to a new level. Many people became interested in this sport after Pyeongchang because of the bright duel between Zhenya and Alina, they started talking about figure skating literally everywhere.

And for this I must say thanks to both skaters – neither without Alina nor without Zhenya such a dramatic story would not have developed. There could have been other athletes in their place, but it was precisely “zagimed” that happened, as they say in the fan community, and this phenomenon has not let go until now.

Even four years after Pyeongchang, Alina, together with Zhenya, remain one of the main figure skating newsmakers in our country. Last season, the First Channel Cup was built on the confrontation between Zagitova and Medvedeva, this year it was also not without them, but already as a “support group” for the teams.

“I’m challenging myself.” Why is Medvedeva Russia’s favorite figure skater?

Such bright and successful stars as Alina lead to sports, become examples for young skaters and gain a large number of fans.

Alina goes beyond the horizons of the world of sports

Having suspended her career in December 2019, Zagitova chose the path not only of ice shows. She entered the university in the direction of “Production and cultural policy”, where she studies journalism. And not only from the theoretical side: in the first year, Zagitova became the host of the Ice Age.

After the first immersion in work on TV, Alina had to face a lot of criticism, and from all sides. She was teased for her diction, her images were sorted by bones, and Alina continued to work with the motto “The dog barks, the caravan moves on”.

Now we can say that Zagitova has really progressed as a presenter: she behaves confidently in the frame, rarely hangs out and tries to improvise.

The fact that Alina is changing the vector of development does not cancel all her achievements in figure skating. She achieved everything in sports and went to explore other areas that are of interest to her. What will happen next – open boxing training, cool photo shoots, incredible performances on ice – only Alina herself knows.

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I could have mastered ultra-c if I had started training them earlier

Perhaps Alina suspended her career due to the fact that she could no longer compete with her rivals in technology: in the 2019/20 season, the Trusov-Shcherbakov-Kostornaya trio entered the adults in a whirlwind.

But to think that Zagitova is not capable of studying ultra-si is a mistake: if Alina were the same age as TSCHK, then she would jump quads. But quads were not needed to compete with Medvedeva: in order to win, Zagitova rearranged the jumps in the second half of the program and focused on the Lutz-Rittberger combination.

“I didn’t start learning quadruple jumps, because this should be done at a younger age. I had to learn them before the Olympic Games, but then there was a risk of injury, and here my arsenal of jumps was enough, ”Alina noted on Channel One.

Alina Zagitova

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

At a training session in Pyeongchang, Zagitova could attach five triple rittbergers to a lutz – that’s how gorgeous she was then. And if Alina jumped a quadruple from the very beginning of the cycle – as Anna Shcherbakova and Alexander Trusova did – she would have this quad. After the Olympics, by the way, Zagitova tried to master the quadruple flip – there are videos on the Web with attempts on a fishing rod – but then the skater was covered with active growth, and there was no chance of success for the idea.

But even without quadruple jumps, Alina became a bright star in the sky of figure skating, and her skates melted the hearts of millions of people.

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