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American fans are unhappy that the ESPY award did not go to the one-armed basketball player

© Photo : Social networks of Hansel Enmanuel DonatoHansel Enmanuel Donato

MOSCOW, 25 Jul – American fans were dissatisfied with the results of the ESPY award. ESPN’s Best Moments of the Year award went to US soccer player Megan Rapinoe. Fans consider 18-year-old one-armed basketball player Hansel Enmanuel Donato Dominguez to be unfairly deprived.

“He averaged a double-double per game for the high school team, including scoring over 25 points per game, and was nominated for ‘Best Game/Moment of the Year’ but ESPN declined to award him. He lost to a Megan Rapinoe goal from a corner , who then used her stage time to talk about Brittney Griner (American basketball player detained in Russia for possession of drugs – ed.). Instead of singling out an athlete who has overcome adversity but doesn’t consider himself a victim, ESPN has decided that the eternal victim queen is more deserving of the award.

Some bloggers and social media users have suggested that the young athlete was deprived of a well-deserved award due to Rapinoe’s active struggle for the rights of minorities.

“How did a corner goal get ahead of a 60-meter kick, a poster and a guy with one arm who does a “mill?” Powercordz69 is perplexed on Twitter.

“I’m not saying it’s unimpressive, but the kid with one arm doing the windmill, the longest shot in NFL history, and the Brown poster are a lot more impressive,” eg0lite shared his opinion.

“As a child, I looked forward to watching the ESPY awards. Now I doubt that I will continue to do so,” said JimboFig.



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